For the health and safety of all, every dog owner who books with Hounds Hilton must first agree to the following terms and conditions.

Terms & Conditions

This is an agreement made between the proprietors and their employees of Hounds Hilton (A&J ROWLAND PTY LTD) and the Client (also known as 'Customer' and 'Owner'). This agreement is binding 

Owner Warranties and Acknowledgement:
The owner warrants that they are the legal owner of the dog(s) mentioned in this document and all information provided to Hounds Hilton is true and correct.

General Admission Policy:
All dogs must be up to date with their C5 vaccination or higher (within the last 12 months). If they are overdue or this is their first one it must have been administered within at least 14 days prior to boarding. Proof of vaccination must be provided at the time or check in or earlier. 
All dogs must enter with collar and leads. We accept no liability for damage or loss caused by unrestrained pets. 
The owner must make aware to Hounds Hilton if the dog(s) has any of the following:
i. has aggressive behaviour towards humans or other dogs.
ii. has any existing medical conditions and if any medication is currently being given.
iii. has any phobias such as thunder, water etc. 
iv. is known to jump or climb fences.

Rates and Fees:
Rates are charged per calendar day, regardless of check-in or check-out times.
The current boarding rate is $25.00 per dog, per calendar day, regardless of size of dog. 

Booking & Cancellation Policy For Christmas/new year & Easter Peak Periods.

For Christmas, New years and Easter bookings, a $50 booking fee is required to secure your booking. This fee is due at time of booking and is refundable up until 30 days prior to booking.
No refunds or credits will be given if bookings are cancelled within 30 days of check in.
Christmas/New year and Easter stay charges are to be fully paid at time of check in. No refunds or credits are given for early holiday returns.

Damage to Hounds Hilton Property Policy

Additional charges may apply at check out of your pets stay if they have damaged any property of Hounds Hilton, including but not limited to damaged or ripped up bedding or holes dug in lawn.

Fees for broken pet beds are currently $20.00 per bed.
Fees for holes dug in lawn are $50.00 per hole.
It is the owner’s responsibility to make aware to Hounds Hilton if their dog(s) are known to dig holes or rip apart bedding.

Food and Items supplied by Owners:
All food supplied by owners must be clearly marked with dogs name and the family surname. 
All items such as bedding, blankets, toys, etc must be clearly marked with the dog’s name and family surname. We will not accept any liability for loss of items. Hounds Hilton will not be liable for items that the dog has damaged that have been supplied by the owner.

Veterinary Treatment:
 If your pet requires veterinary treatment, it will be at the pet owner’s expense. Payment of veterinary treatment is due at the time of collection or return of the pet. In the case where the owner or the emergency contact cannot be contacted before treatment, the course of treatment shall be at the sole discretion of the attending Veterinarian.
In the case where an incident or an illness has occurred and a pet is going through unnecessary pain and considered as inhumane to continue, and no contact with the owner or the emergency contact can be established, the Veterinarian has the permission to euthanize the pet. Hounds Hilton and the Veterinarian will be
indemnified from any liability.

All medication is to be clearly labelled with prescribed dosage. We require any instruction for administration of medication to be in writing and Hounds Hilton will follow those instructions as closely as possible. 

We will contact the owners immediately if there is any incident or for any concerns that may arise whilst your pets are in our care.

Although we take the utmost care when boarding your pets, we cannot accept responsibility for injury, death, loss, illness or damage of any kind that may occur to an animal staying with us at Hounds Hilton.

Social Media and Marketing:
Photographs and/or videos of any pet boarding may be used in social media and/or marketing. Names of dogs and owners will not be identified in the use of social media and/or marketing unless with prior written consent of the owner. Hounds Hilton may install surveillance cameras on the property. All footage from video surveillance is property of Hounds Hilton and will not be provided to customers.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions:
All pet owners wishing to engage our services agree with these terms and conditions. A copy of these terms and conditions must be read, understood & signed at check-in of your dog stay or prior. Terms and conditions as well as prices may be changed at any time by Hounds Hilton (A&J ROWLAND PTY LTD). 
By signing this agreement, the owner acknowledges and accept Hounds Hilton terms and conditions for the duration, as well as any future reservations at Hounds Hilton. 


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